The Art Association of Jackson Hole is dedicated to encouraging a vital, creative community by providing everyone with exposure to, education in and enjoyment of a wide variety of art experiences.

An emphasis on utilizing the exhibiting and student artists various works were crucial in promoting the Art Association’s mission. Texture, color and in some cases an illustrative approach helped bring a cohesive look across all departments. Whether it was taking a class, attending a fundraiser or viewing an exhibition, the intention was for the audience to know it was part of an Art Association experience.
Various Art Association logos // 2008 – 2012
Exhibition Posters // 2008 – 2012
Marie WattBlanket Stories Exhibition Promotion
A Midautumn Art Dream – Promotional piece
Art for the Soul, Soup for the Bowl – Promo Soup Cans
Illustration for Autumn Fundraiser
Art Fair Jackson Hole – Visual Brand Implementation
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