JUMP - Jack's Urban Meeting Place
JUMP (Jack's Urban Meeting Place) is a non-profit, interactive, creative center and community gathering space in Boise, Idaho. At JUMP, people from all backgrounds can discover new possibilities and explore their potential.
Working with a team spread out across North America, my role in this project involves designing primary exhibition graphics for the facility. This includes educational guides, informational graphics, super graphics and studio signage as well as working with a 3D exhibition designer on sculptural/interactive "attractors". Truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity, this project has contributed greatly to my ongoing development as a designer. The JUMP experience has served as an education in team dynamics and the power of collaboration. 
J. R. Simplot Vintage Tractor Collection – Information Panel Design
Positioned throughout the JUMP campus are 50 vintage steam engines and tractors dating as far back as 1885. A space to house this unique collection was the original concept for what eventually became JUMP.  A tribute to J.R. Simplot's passion and vision, each tractor required informational panels that would provide facts about each machine as well as "surprise and delight" the viewer. Shown here are just a sampling of the over 100 panels designed for the collection.
All Panel/Tractor photos courtesy of Michael McCullough and JUMP
JUMP Studios + Attractors
JUMP houses 5 studios dedicated to innovation, creativity, and play. Each of these areas includes a sculptural "Attractor" created by exhibition designer John Lauer and the JUMP team. I was fortunate to be tasked with designing fabric to skin a few of these incredible creations.  
SHARE Culinary Studio – Fabric Skin Design for sculptural Attractor 
MAKE Creator Studio – Fabric Skin Design for sculptural Attractor
MOVE Fitness/Performance Studio – Fabric Skin + Panel Design for sculptural Attractor
Also needed for the 5 main studios were signage, semi-transparent graphics for the glass on studio doors and, in some instances, graphic wall murals to lead visitors to their destinations.
INSPIRE Meeting Space – Studio Signage + Semi-transparent door graphics
PLAY Multimedia Studio – Studio Signage + Semi-transparent door graphics
JUMP Old Boise Train Depot Exhibit
Just outside of the Simplot HQ on the JUMP campus is where the Boise Train Depot once resided. These 4 informational panels, along with bronzed luggage and actual train track embedded in the concrete, educates the viewer about the importance of the Depot to Boise in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
J. R. Simplot Tribute – Interactive Installation
Situated at the JUMP building main entrance, an interactive installation that serves as a tribute to J.R. Simplot's risk-taking in business & life that both financially and culturally benefitted the state of Idaho. Each playing card symbol is in actuality a door that can be opened triggering audio of those close to J.R. speaking to his legacy and larger-than-life personality.
JUMP Wayfinding – Park & Facility Maps
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