Jackson Hole Public Art places temporary and permanent artworks and produces community-minded, artist-driven projects for public spaces. Their projects are free and accessible to everyone and begin with inclusive conversations with Jackson Hole residents.
Cache Creek Tube Project – Virtual Daylighting
Cache Creek partially runs underneath the town of Jackson, Wyoming. JH Public Art worked in conjunction with the Teton Conservation District to "daylight" this underground stream. The purpose of virtually daylighting the Cache Creek Tube is to increase public education about stormwater and flood management in Jackson and inform citizens about what they can do to improve local water quality.
I was commissioned to visually brand this project. The challenge was two-fold. One challenge was to create an iconic symbol that could be stenciled along the sidewalk of the street the creek runs underneath. The other was to create a series of street sign maps that would educate the public about what was happening as the creek ran under their feet.
Social Distancing Awareness Campaign
In the early months of the pandemic, JH Public Art commissioned local Jackson designers to create posters encouraging the community to "flatten the curve" via English/Spanish language posters and banners.
JHPA Annual Report
Town as Art Campaign
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